Army MP Warns against Rumors of Conspiracy on Mayombo's Death

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The Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF) is not happy about the numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the death last week of the Ministry of Defense Permanent Secretary, Brigadier Nobel Mayombo.
General Elly Tumwiine, a UPDF representative in Parliament, has blasted opposition politicians and some sections of the media whom he accuses of failing to empathize with Mayombo's family as they go through the difficult mourning period. He said the public should refrain from making alarmist statements and allegations about the causes of Mayombo's death.
It has officially been reported that Brigadier Mayombo died of an acute case of pancreatitis. However the media, particularly The Red Pepper, has discussed the theory that that Mayombo may have been poisoned by his political enemies. To this effect, the Conservative Party and the Democratic Party have called for public inquiries into the death, recommending the participation of Scotland Yard.
General Tumwiine told journalists at Parliament today that politicians should not turn Mayombo's death, which united Ugandans in mourning for one of the country's leaders, into a divisive issue.
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