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Artisanal Miners Throng Suspected New Gold Site in Namayingo :: Uganda Radionetwork

Artisanal Miners Throng Suspected New Gold Site in Namayingo

The artisanal miners are from Busia, Mayuge and Bugiri while others are from within Namayingo itself.

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Hundreds of artisanal gold miners from Namayingo and neighboring districts have descended a suspected new gold site at Butebei A village in Mutumba sub-county to start mining.

Gold was reportedly discovered by some residents who were quarrying marram in the village and discovered that some of the marram had apparent gold cores. When they crushed them, they discovered what they believe to be real gold and they informed the land owner who mobilized locals to come and do gold mining.

More artisanal miners have been flocking in from Busia, Mayuge and Bugiri and from within Namayingo itself.

Ayub Mugowa, Asiina Nabirye, and Shafiq Wandera among other artisanal miners says that they have come to mine gold so that they can get out of poverty.


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Alex Busagwa, the Namayingo district natural resources officer says that they have not fully ascertained whether there is gold or not, for so far he has not witnessed gold in the area.

He says that the increasing number of artisanal miners in the area is destroying the environment since they are digging several deep pits in search for gold cores.

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Ronal Sanya, the Namayingo district L.C.V chairman says that the continuous discovery of gold pits is putting life of people at risk that some of them are dying, so authorities are coming up with stringent measures to fight the hazard.

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Barasa Ogajo, the Namayingo resident district commissioner- RDC says that they are setting up security measures to fight crime in the mining areas.

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