Arua City Officials Want UGX 20B Remitted to Ayivu Division

Since July 2020, the division has never received funds that have affected service delivery.
Dickson Adomati Arua Deputy RCC addressing City Officials amd other stakeholders during a consultative budget workshop in Arua City on Thursday.

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Arua City officials are demanding answers over failure by the Ministry of Finance to remit 20 Billion Shillings to Ayivu Division.

Ayivu County which comprises seven sub-counties and a population of more than 380,000 people was annexed to Arua City. However, since July 2020, the division has never received funds that have affected service delivery.

During the City Budget Consultative Conference for Arua on Thursday, the leaders demanded explanations why the City continues to be run using the former municipal budget.

The Chief Finance Officer Arua City Sam Adriko disclosed that Arua City has been allocated 36 Billion Shillings which they have to share with Ayivu Division. He adds that there has also been a budget cut from 43 Billion Shillings to 41 Billion.

According to Adriko money for the Uganda Road Fund, honoraria and Ex-Gratia for councillors and LCIs and LCIIs in Ayivu totalling 34 Billion Shillings have never been remitted to date.

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Khamis Muzaidi the Mayor Arua Central Division said they have tried to present their grievances to the Ministry of Local Government and Finance in vain. He says that they have no option but to petition the President.

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Cornelius Jobile, the Deputy City Clerk Arua says that they will continue to pursue the money for Ayivu Division from the Ministry of Finance. Jobile says that they are under pressure to deliver services to the residents, but lack funds. 

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Paul Batanda the City Clerk Arua said they are trying and will continue to push to ensure that the funds for Ayivu Division are remitted to the City for better service delivery before the end of this financial year.

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According to the Budget Framework guidelines, local governments including the Cities should submit their budget paper to the Ministry by November 21 2021.