Arua District Registers First Covid-19 Community Death

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The deceased in his sixties, has been a prominent businessman operating in Arua town and reportedly fell sick with flu and cough but was delayed at home, only to be rushed to Rhema private hospital later before he was referred to Arua hospital where he breathed his last.
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There is a renewed sense of alertness in the public and among health officials in Arua after registering the first community COVID-19 death.

The deceased, a resident of Ambeku village in Ayivu East Division of Arua City, succumbed to covid-19 on Sunday at Arua regional hospital where he had been taken for further management from Rhema private hospital.

According to the district covid-19 taskforce team, the deceased in his sixties is a prominent businessman operating in Arua town. He reportedly fell sick with flu and cough but was delayed at home and only much later rushed to Rhema before he was referred to Arua hospital where he breathed his last. His samples upon testing showed positive results for Covid-19.

Paul Bishop Drileba, the DHO Arua and covid-19 focal point person in Arua district confirmed the death of the Covid-19 patient and said it was realized when the patient had become weaker to recover.

According to Drileba, the deceased was buried on Sunday afternoon by a team of health officials from Arua hospital but again at the burial ground, one positive case who was at large was also found mixing up with people. 

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The death of the businessman due to covid19 has created the fear among the business community in Arua town and according to Norman Cwinyai, in charge of covid-19 surveillance and laboratory services, there are more positive cases lying unpicked in the communities due to lack of space. The only quarantine centre at Arua prison primary school has been closed due to lack of food and other supplies.

“Arua hospital and Oli health centre four Isolation Center are already full and we have nowhere to take such positive cases, but we urge the communities to stick to the SOPs and seek early health care,” said Norman Cwinyai.

The Resident City Commissioner Arua and chairperson covid-19 task force Nahori Oya has regretted the death and the graveside incident and warned communities to ensure strict adherence to SOPs on COVID-19 prevention and seek early treatment for any flue like cases.

“The only way for our people to stop dying due to covid19 is to observe SOPs and seek early treatment instead of waiting at home when they are not sure of what sickness they have,” said Oya. Currently, Uganda has over 7,000 covid-19 positive cases with 73 deaths registered so far.