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Babalanda Warns RDCs Against Siding With Criminals :: Uganda Radionetwork

Babalanda Warns RDCs Against Siding With Criminals

She said RDCs who are supposed to monitor the government programs on behalf of the president choose to protect the wrong elements.
Milly Babirye Babalanda, Minister for Presidency.
The Minister for Presidency, Milly Babirye Babalanda has warned district heads of security against siding with criminals.

The Minister expressed concern that RDCs have become part of the problems they should have helped to resolve.

Babalanda made the remarks on Friday at the closing of a-two-day capacity building workshop for Resident District Commissioners/Resident City Commissioners and their Deputies, District Internal Security Officers, and Regional Internal Security Officers from the Central Region in Mukono.

She revealed that her office receives several complaints from the community where especially RDCs side with wrongdoers in the community to oppress the poor.

“No wonder we have continuous land wrangles and poor performances in  government schools in the central region.

RDCs who are supposed to monitor on behalf of the president choose to protect the wrong elements exacerbating the problem. Report wrongdoers, if you fear to expose them, we shall take it that you are part of them.” urged Babalanda.

She  noted that while the government has devised  many measures to stop land wrangles, the complaints about evictions and land-related wrangles are increasing. 

She said measures such as the establishment of 22 ministerial zonal offices with computerized system, and a land fund to enable tenants to receive land titles, wrangles have persisted.

RDCs had earlier noted before Babalanda’s arrival that as they try living to their mandate, they end up being threatened by several other officers in bigger offices within the country to the extent of taking matters outside the office to a personal level.

However, the Under Secretary in the Office of the Presidency, Betty Mutesa Cwinya-ai reminded them about the basic management practices that call for listening actively, making driven decisions, and also communicating matters above their control to superior authority for better solutions.

Meanwhile, Daudi Migereko, the former minister of lands, housing, and urban development reminded the district security leaders that their hard work will determine the recovery of support for the ruling party, especially in the central region where they lost several positions in the recent general elections.

“Revive the spirit of mobilization, be involved in community activities as the team players, be gender-sensitive, technology savvy but also can influence people at all levels,”  Migereko noted. 

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