Baby's Body Dumped by the Roadside in Hoima City

According to the eyewitnesses, the minor's body was wrapped and packed in a box and dumped by the roadside on Sunday

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Police in Hoima City is investigating circumstances under which the body of a newborn baby has been dumped by the roadside in Kasasiro, Bujumbura East cell, Hoima West division in Hoima City.

According to eyewitnesses, the minor's body was found wrapped in a box and dumped by the roadside on Sunday. After discovering the body of the baby, area residents led by the area LC1 Chairperson immediately alerted Hoima police. 

Police rushed and picked the body for further examination. However, the mother of the baby remains unknown.  Emmanuel Kaahwa, the area LC1 Chairman told Uganda Radio Network that after some area residents discovered the body of the baby wrapped in a box, they immediately alerted his office.

He has however condemned the act adding that they have teamed up with the police to hunt for the assumed heartless mother who is suspected to dumped the baby.  

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Cue out…kuseruliriza oha akikozere.”//  

Although the mother of the baby is yet to be located, many locals are assuming that she dumped and possibly killed the baby, and are not looking at other possibilities leading to her disappearance. Joselyne Atuhura, a resident of Bujumba says the act is regrettable advising expectant mothers who cannot take care of newborn babies to take them to churches or children's homes. 

"Even if life has become unbearable due to COVID-19, the mother could have taken the baby to a church or children's home," said Atuhura. "Why deny the child a life to live? There are many people yearning to have children yet some heartless mother is dumping an infant on the road.”     

Kasim Asiimwe, the Bujumbura East cell defence secretary attributed the problem to the current covid-19 lockdown effect on people including the married couples. He too condemned the incident terming it inhuman and called for thorough investigations.

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Cue out…Ki bandize kubaho.”// 


Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson has confirmed the incident saying that investigations into the matter have commenced and pledged to apprehend the culprit.  Early this year, a newly born baby was also dumped in Dwoli, Kitoba sub-county in Hoima district.