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Besigye Detained at CPS for Protesting Over Commodity Prices in City Centre :: Uganda Radionetwork

Besigye Detained at CPS for Protesting Over Commodity Prices in City Centre

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Police in Kampala are holding Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, the head of People's Front for Transition after he was arrested protesting against increasing commodity prices in Uganda.

He was arrested from Arua Park in Kampala where he was mobilising Ugandans to raise against the increasing commodity prices.

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Besigye started a campaign to awaken Ugandans to raise against the increasing commodity prices almost two weeks ago.

In the first incidence, when he started the campaign, security blocked him in Kasangati and forced him back to his home where he wasn't allowed to leave. Security camped near his home to ensure that he doesn't come out to mobilise Ugandans.

When the police left his home, last week, Besigye again went out to protest. Again, he was blocked and returned home after spending over eight hours on a road in Kasangati. Security remained at his home, but yesterday, Besigye attempted to leave and was blocked, carried and put onto a Police truck. He was taken back to his home.

Security stayed around his home, but this morning, he beat security to come to the city center to continue with his campaign. It's not clear yet how he escaped from security but he was sighted in Arua Park where he was welcomed by city dwellers chanting his name and joining him in the condemnation of government failure to provide a solution to the increasing commodity prices.

By time of filing this story, police had not made a statement regarding the matter. However, City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago had arrived at the Cental Police Station-CPS to get details on the detention of Besigye. 

Lukwago says there is no reason why police should stop Besigye from mobilising people to address the issue of raising commodity prices since government has declared they can't do anything for now.

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