Bishop Describes Dead Kasese Witchdoctor As A Holy Man

Reverend Jackson Thembo Nzerebende, the Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese shocked Christians on Sunday when he described the late Hangi Sebastian Bakoko, a renowned witchdoctor as a holy Christian.
It is not common for a senior religious leader to say nice things about a confessed witchdoctor. The religious leaders always refer to witchdoctors as the representatives of the devil on earth.


But this was not the case for Right Reverend Jackson Thembo Nzerebende, the Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese, who shocked Christians when he described the late Hangi Sebastian Bakoko as a saint and holy Christian.


Bakoko, a renowned witchdoctor and businessman in Kasese, died of diabetes on Saturday.


At the burial service on Sunday, Bishop Nzerebende said Bakoko got baptized and accepted Jesus Christ, adding that he would rather not pray for the drunkards.


Bakoko 60, who died quietly at his home in Kasese Municipality, was buried at his ancestral home in Kitswamba Sub County.

The bishop said that though Bakoko died practicing witchcraft, he had no record of human sacrifice and that the church prays for him like it does to those who own lodges and bars.


Bishop Nzerebende said that the practice of witchcraft doesn’t stop a person from being a Christian because it is cultural and traditional.


He emphasised that Bakoko was baptized in church, has contributed greatly to the church and his witchcraft practice never recorded any criminality like human sacrifice and killings. He also quoted an example of when Bakoko helped the police in arresting a couple that had approached him to sacrifice a child and get wealth.


Busongora North MP William Nzoghu who was also at the burial described Bakoko as a serious investor.


Apart from practicing witchcraft Bakoko was a successful farmer and businessman in Kasese, owning markets and coffee plantations in the area.

He married 11 wives but only one, Faith Tibananuka Bakoko, is surviving.  He leaves behind 26 children.