Boda Boda Cyclists in Mbarara, Nakawa Form COVID-19 SOPs Compliance Teams

The team in Nakawa Division named HAM COVID-19 TEAM will be expected to carry out sensitization among fellow motorists and also report colleagues who are not adhering to the SOPs.
Boda Boda parking alongside special hire cars on Mbaguta Street

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Mbarara City Boda Boda Association has formed a special committee to help in the implementation of Ministry of Health Covid-19 guidelines and Standard Operation Procedures- SOPs.

In his address to the nation on Covid-19, President Yoweri Museveni warned Boda Boda riders against the violation of the guidelines or risk total lockdown. He cautioned Boda Boda riders against carrying two or more passengers and failing to wear a face mask.

The President also announced an inter-district lockdown and warned the riders against transporting people across district borders. He also directed that the riders stop operations at 6:00 pm.

Sergious Oukunda Salongo Chairperson Mbarara City Boda Boda Association, says that because the number of Boda Boda riders in the city, they have constituted a fifteen-man committee which also includes a police officer to arrest and take to police any Boda Boda rider who is found violating the guidelines.

//Cue in: “nikaba kari akakiiko…

Cue out: …ngu tukwataganise tweena.”//

Majid Ruganda, Chairperson Nyamitanga Divison Boda Boda Riders and spokesperson of the special committee says they are holding regular meetings with all stage Chairpersons and defence secretaries to see how best the guidelines can be implemented.

He says they are currently faced with a challenge of riders who are not registered around town stages but ride at night.  Ruganda says they have managed to arrest 10 cyclists for violating the guidelines.

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Cue out: …nafine zosiire zirimu.”//

Ruganda says they are also faced with the challenge of porous routes being used by Boda Boda riders to move to other districts.

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Cue out: …nka abebembezi bodaboda.”//

Brain Arinaitwe, a Boda Boda rider at Kateete Stage says they choose to tighten the guidelines by instituting fines for riders who do not adhere to the presidential directives.

Oukunda says they have impounded 10 motorcycles for either carrying two passengers or carrying a passenger without a mask.

In Nakawa Division, Kampala City, a vigilant team of Boda Boda cyclists has been formed to aid in the enforcement of COVID-19 standards of operation. 

The team named HAM COVID-19 TEAM will be expected to carry out sensitization among fellow cyclists and also report colleagues who are not adhering to the SOPs.

Herbert Burora Anderson, the Deputy Resident City Commissioner Nakawa Division, says that they have noted that categories not complying with the Covid-19 prevention guidelines include motorcyclists, taxis and local brew (malwa) drinking points among others. 

Paul Mugabe, the Mayor Nakawa Division says that since the cyclists interact with numerous people from different places each day, it is an effective way to ensure compliance.  

//Cue in: “In the recent…  

Cue out: …follow the SOPS”//  

Steven Gumo, speaker for the Boda Boda group in Nakawa division says that the team will enforce the regulations to avoid cyclists being arrested and their motorcycles impounded.

//Cue in: “Ebirina ogobererwa ba…  

Cue out: …omukulembeze we gwanga.”// 

Fred Ndyanabo, a cyclist says that this move will help motorcyclists honour curfew time as directed by the President.

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Cue out: …abazigu mwezo esawa”//  

According to Gumo, each stage chairperson in the division will be requested to present two volunteers to be part of the team. These volunteers are expected to regularly report to the Resident City Commissioner's office.


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