Bodaboda Transport in Kabale Paralyzed

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Bodaboda Transport in Kabale town was this morning paralyzed, following a rift between the Bodaboda cyclists and the Municipal council law enforcement officers.
More than 500 bicycles were impounded by the law enforcement officers, for failing to adhere to a new regulation requiring Bodaboda cyclists to put on uniforms.
In June, Kabale municipal council authorities passed a resolution requiring all bodaboda cyclists to put on uniforms for easy identification while on duty.
The Kabale Municipality Town Clerk, Johnson Munono, says the resolution stemmed from complaints that some thieves were disguising as bodaboda cyclists and robbing the unsuspecting passengers of their property.
Munono however says none of the Cyclists had complied to the regulation. He said that today's operation is intended to enforce compliance to the new regulation.
But the bodaboda cyclists were not happy about the abrupt operation. Armed with stones, some bodaboda cyclists pelted stones at the law enforcement officers, demanding for their bicycles.
Julius Muhereza, one of the Bodaboda cyclists says he was caught unawares and was fighting to get back his unmarked bicycle.
Meanwhile, some Bodaboda cyclists took advantage of the chaos to hike the transport fares. Fares to different routes were hiked from 200 to 400 shillings.