Bodies of Suicide Bombers in Three Separate Terror Attacks Remain Unclaimed

Two of the said bodies, or body parts for that matter, belong to the suicide attackers that blew themselves back in 2010 at Kyadondo rugby grounds and Ethiopian village. The two bodies remain unclaimed and unidentified up to now.
19 Nov 2021 12:40
Dr. Moses Byaruhanga

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Bodies of suicide bombers involved in three separate terror attacks in Uganda are still unclaimed, with authorities calling their relatives to go and collect the remains for burial.

Two of the said bodies, or body parts for that matter, belong to the suicide attackers that blew themselves back in 2010 at Kyadondo rugby grounds and Ethiopian village. The two bodies that seem to have borne the brunt of the blasts remain unclaimed and unidentified up to now.

In the aftermath of the investigations into the bombing, forensic analysts were able to make reconstructions of what the two might have looked like and composite images were released by both local police and Interpol to identify the duo but also help their relatives to claim the bodies for burial.

From the said facial reconstruction of the suspected bombers, one of the images looked like someone of Somali origin and the other a black African which the police said was of undetermined origin, but possibly a Ugandan.

The Police Lead Pathologist and Director of Health Services in the Police Force, Dr. Moses Byaruhanga says that 11 years down the road the body parts and heads of these suicide bombers are still kept intact at the city mortuary with the hope that one day someone will claim them. 


"If someone comes out to claim these bodies, we can willingly give them out," Dr Byaruhanga says. "No one has claimed them. But we still keep them here (city mortuary)."

In a similar case, the bodies of other suspected suicide bombers, one from the incident on Bushenyi-bound Swift Bus last month, a set of an unconfirmed number of suicide bombers that are suspected to have blown themselves in the most recent attack at Central Police Station and IPS building plus their counterpart who was put out of action in Katooke, all remain unclaimed even when some have been identified.

For instance, the suspected bomber from the swift bus was identified as Isaac Matovu while the one killed in Katooke has been identified as Moses Mudasiri. However, details on their family members or relatives remain unknown.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has however laughed off the said identifications, wondering if they were based on identity cards which apparently remained intact when the rest of the said bombers were being blown up, and also wondering at the claims the security had been monitoring some of them but yet doesn't know any of their people. 

Dr. Moses Byaruhanga notes that currently, they are carrying out DNA analysis from the human tissue obtained from scenes of crime for them to understand the exact number of suicide bombers that were involved in the Tuesday bombing.

In several communications police spokesperson Fred Enanga has noted that they have hopes that some of the family members of the deceased may show up anytime and the remains will be will be handed to them. However, it is assumed that family members are declining to come out in fear of being arrested by security agencies who linked the deceased to the Allied Democratic Forces -ADF, a terrorist group.

But, Dr Byaruhanga says that the city mortuary has the capacity to keep these bodies for long periods of time and believes that one time when family members or relatives finally show up, they will be definitely receiving these bodies as required by laws.

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Meanwhile, all bodies of victims in the yesterday bombings have been identified and subsequently handed over to family members for burial. 


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