Boma Young Hoima FC Struggles To Survive In Big League

Kajabago says the team has now started a fundraising drive for well-wishers to collect money during the teams home games.
19 Oct 2015 07:10

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Boma Young Hoima Football club is struggling to survive in the Big League. Boma Young Hoima Football Club was promoted to the Big League due to a petition to the Federation of Uganda Football Club-FUFA against Kasese\'s San City FC following an aborted match resulting from a disagreement over penalty shootouts.


The match ended prematurely after the goal keeper of Boma Young Hoima Football club fled from the goal posts. As a result, San City FC was promoted to the Big League prompting Boma Young to petition FUFA. FUFA decided to promote both clubs to the Big League.  Boma Young has so far registered a 1-0 victory against Water FC and a 4-2 loss against Ndejje FC. 

But the club Chairman Joseph Kajabago says the team\'s poor performance against Ndejje can partly be attributed to the challenges the club is facing in the national league. Kajabago says the team has no own transport means for away games. He says they currently hire a taxi, which is not insufficient to carry players and team 

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Kajabago says the team has now started a fundraising drive for well-wishers to collect money during the team\'s home games. Kajabago says during the match with Water FC at Hoima boma grounds, Shillings 120,000 was collected and this facilitated the team\'s trip to Ndejje.

He says many more avenues are being explored for the team\'s survival in the national tournament.

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The club chairman reveals that for each of the away games, the team needs between Shillings1.3 to 1.7million and this is too huge an expense for the club, which has no income. Amon Zondera, the Hoima District Sports Officer says other than technical guidance, there is nothing his office and the local government can do to support the club.

Zondera says the district faces revenue constraints and the vote for sports is too small. The sports officer says the team\'s move to look for private sponsors and donations is the better way. Boma Young Hoima FC is privately run by Kajabago in collaboration with Premier Secondary School Hoima, where he\'s a teacher. But the club chairman says the time is now for the people of Hoima to support the team.