Booma International School Students Strike.

Students Booma International School in booma Mbarara have rioted and destroyed school property.The riot was in protest over the decision by the school administration to allegedly imposed a head prefect not voted by the students.
07 Jul 2015 21:23
Police in Mbarara Arrested Students Believed to have Led the strike
They destroyed all the glasses on the dormitories and classes before breaking into the school canteen merchandise estimated at about half a million shillings was looted.

Students claim that the school head teacher,  Kusiima Jackeline used her authority to impose a head prefect that they did not elect .

They allege that Kulim  does not respect students\' body and makes every decision by herself without their consultations even on matters concerning them.

They accuse her of refusing to take candidate students of senior four and senior six for their geography study tour to Kasese district yet they each paid seventy thousand shillings for the  tour.  The tour was allegedly supposed to take place on 25th June.


When journalists visited the, the Head Teacher declined to comment on circumstance leading to the strike.  The acting District Police Commander Mbarara, Jaffar Magyezi asked teachers and students to cooperate in order to avert the rampant school strikes in in western Uganda.

Magyezi asked the administration to create clear communication line between teachers and students body in order to narrow the gap between them and make it effective.

Magyezi told journalists that police have arrested 9 students believed to have led the strike at night. The suspects according to Magyezi will be taken to court to answer charges of vandalizing property.

The latest strike comes just a day after Cleveland high school in Mbarara was closed following a strike. Students at Cleveland high school were protesting against a decision by the school to expel some of their colleagues.  

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