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Police Disowns "Brian Whites" Guards :: Uganda Radionetwork

Police Disowns "Brian Whites" Guards

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Police Spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, says the force has never assigned Kirumira any police guards since he has never made a formal request for security.
Brian White Kirumira
Socialite Brian White's troubles have worsened with police denying ever assigning him Police bodyguards. Brian White has been moving around with four armed police officers. He was picked up last week for shooting and injuring Victor Bitwire, outside his home in Buziga, a Kampala suburb.

A police search in his home led to the recovery of a police rifle. Two officers attached to Kabalagala Police Station were arrested in connection with the incident. According to information obtained by URN, the two officers were part of Kirumira's security detail.

However, Police Spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, says the force has never assigned Kirumira any police guards since he has never made a formal request for security. "There is no deployment as to the effect of guarding Brian White. Whoever was involved will have to explain how he or she got there. Some are already in custody," Kayima said.

It is still unclear why Police remained silent on the matter even when Brian White was moving around with the police guards. He once appeared in a city tabloid jogging under the protection of six heavily armed personnel believed to be police officers.

 "I am not sure that the police simply looked on. His action should be a lesson to all those socialites who love to get VIP treatment. It's also a lesson to security personnel that are possibly into such habits," Kayima said.

According to Kayima, they are hunting for the remaining officers who have been moving with Kirumira as well as guard his homes.

About ‘Brian White' Kirumira.

The 31-year-old was until recently unknown. He only shot to the limelight when he appeared in the tabloids jogging under the tight protection of about six men armed with AK47 rifles. According to some sources, Brian White, who hails from Mityana, only returned to Uganda recently from Europe.

He has been appearing in the papers and social media distributing money to different people and bragging about his wealth. The source of his money is still a mystery as he has no known properties or investments in Uganda.

 How to Secure Police Guards.

According to the police standing orders, the one in need of police security applies to the Inspector General of Police. The IGP asses the request and sends it to the Directorate of Operation for review.

 The directorate then sends the application to the Very Important Person Police Unit-VIPPU, which is under the Directorate of counter-terrorism. VIPPU assess the risk and designs a deployment plan in consultation with the applicant.

However, the applicant pays Shillings 90,000 for each guard per day and another Shillings 10,000 for the supervisors of the officers.  Government departments pay for the security provided to government officers.

However, police can waive off the fee once there is a known threat to the person's life.

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