Bududa District Seeks 3.7 Billion to Complete Administration Block

Adminstrtion Block at foundation level. Photo By Andrew Nakhaboya

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Bududa district is seeking about 3.7 billion shillings to complete the construction of an administration block.

The district allocated 300 million shillings from the local revenue to cater for the first phase of the foundation of the administration block which will have three stories.

The construction works which started in July this year are estimated to take about 4 billion shillings up to completion.

However, Samson Natsambwa, the deputy Chief Administrative Officer Bududa said, they are using the old building of Manjiya County, which does not have enough working and office space for all the departmental staff of over 100 workers.

//Cue in: “since we started the district… Cue out…. for better service delivery.”//

Bududa’s local revenue has dwindled with the introduction of five town councils of Bududa, Bushigayi Nangako, Kikholo, and Kuushu, which had markets where the district would collect revenue. Since these administrative unities are semi-autonomous, revenue from their markets is now retained to run their town activities.

Currently Bududa collects less than 100 million as compared to over 200 million it used to collect since 2017/18 financial year up to date. This means town councils have taken away over 100 million which would equally help in supporting the construction of the block.

Paul Muboki, the Town clerk Bududa town council said this is a good move for the district as this shall address the issue of office space.

Wilson Watira, the Bududa District Local Council 5 Chairperson said they have no money to support the project up to completion. He said they have done their best as the old leadership and have reached a stage they cannot move further.

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