Bududa Landslides: Body of LC I Chairperson, Son Retrieved After Three Weeks Search

The retrieval of the chairperson’s body and his son comes shortly after the district had just halted the process of looking for bodies of the people who were covered in the debris by the landslides and declared the place a mass grave.

The body of Titus Muyonga, the LC I chairperson of Namasa village and his son that were covered by landslides three weeks ago have been retrieved.

Landslides hit Bushika Sub county in Bududa District on December 3rd, 2019. They swept away three villages of Namasa, Shikhururwe and Naposhi displacing over 200 families and claiming more than 40 others. 

By last week, residents using hand hoes and spades had recovered 26 bodies. However, on friday residents recovered the bodies of the chairperson and his son, bringing to 28 the number of bodies recovered so far.


The recovery of bodies came shortly after the district halted the search for the victims of the landslides and declared the area a mass grave.    

Bududa District LC V Chairperson, Wilson Watira said  the district council resolved that digging the ground in search for the bodies be stopped and declare the place a mass grave.  

“For the last three weeks we have been trying to excavate bodies of people who were missing. We managed to retrieve some bodies and we have now stopped the excavation but 21 people are unaccounted for,” said Watira on phone.   

According to locals in the area, the move by the district to declare the place a mass grave was not fair to those who hadn't seen the remains of their relatives.   

This has since forced them to stay around the site  and continue digging through the debris to exhume the bodies trapped underground.  

Simaya Mabuko, the Bushika Sub county LC V Councilor, says people are still trying to find the remains of their relatives even when the district halted the process.  

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