Buganda Demands UGX 1.7 Billion from Mukono District

The Buganda Land Board-Kyagwe territory Manager Yosia Kimogofu estimates about shillings1.7 billion Mukono district owe the kingdom as ground rent arrears from only buildings used by the district headquarters at kauga in Central Division to house departments such as veterinary, forestry, health, community center, works premises, Chief Administrative Officer’s residence, mineral resources and the Residents District Commissioner’s offices and residence.
Andrew Ssenyonga, the Mukono District Chairperson.

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Buganda Kingdom is demanding 1.7 billion shillings from Mukono District local government as arrears for occupying the institution’s buildings.

In 2015, the district agreed with Buganda officials to exempt it from paying rent for the the buildings that had occupied, but only consider new month of occupancy which the kingdom officials accepted.

Namulondo Investments Limited, the business arm of Buganda Kingdom on August 13 2015, served the district with a document indicating rates to be followed while effecting their payments. However, since then the district has failed to honor the commitment. 

The Buganda Land Board-Kyagwe territory Manager Yosia Kimogofu says that the Kingdom owes the district ground rent arrears from buildings that include among others, the district headquarters at Kauga in Central Division.

Kimogofu says that the district also owes the Kingdom rent arrears for buildings occupied by Nakifuma, Ntenjeru, Naggojje, Nakisunga, Kyampisi, Kasawo, Koome and Goma Sub Counties.

But the District Chairperson Andrew Ssenyonga explains that the district lacks funds to pay the arrears. He wants the Kingdom to grant the district more time to complete construction of the district headquarters.

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Ssenyonga also reveals that they plan to apply to Buganda Land Board to lease land and the properties they are occupying.

Sylvia Kyobe a woman councillor representing Nama and Kyampisi Sub County says that the Chairperson and the Chief Administrative Officer should negotiate with Mengo government and be given a grace period.

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Mukono District collects about 600 million shillings every year from local revenue which is not enough to meet its needs.

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