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Bugoye HC III Begins to Pilot Project on Oxygen Production :: Uganda Radionetwork

Bugoye HC III Begins to Pilot Project on Oxygen Production

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Shem Bwambale, in charge of the facility, told URN reporter that the production of the oxygen was started through a collaboration with Mbarara University of Science and Technology-MUST.
The Bugoye HCIII Oxygen plant located on River Sebwe

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The management of Bugoye HC III in Bugoye Sub-county Kasese District has embarked on a pilot project for the production of oxygen. The oxygen is produced from Mubuku River and channelled through pipes to the health center.  

Shem Bwambale, in charge of the facility, told URN that they embarked on the project in collaboration with the Mbarara University of Science and Technology -MUST. He says Free Oxygen Australia, an Australia based organization promoting production and generation of oxygen using natural resources later joined them. 

He says the plant is currently producing 2litres of Oxygen per minute, which is targeted to serve children below five years of age.    

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Bwambale says they have managed to place 11 children on the oxygen generated by the facility. He is optimistic that they can increase their production capacity and start offering oxygen to older persons and supply it to regional health facilities if the government supports the project. 

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Bwambale also says that they are being questioned why they putting patients on Oxygen yet the facility is a health centre III.    

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Joyline Kabigho a nursing officer at the facility says sometimes they get serious cases that require oxygen from nearby facilities. The nursing officer says that they receive between 3 to 5 children who require oxygen on average each month. She says they have been sharing one oxygen cylinder across all patient wards. 

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Samson Baluku, a technician at the oxygen plant appealed for government support so that they can increase production in a period when the country needs much Oxygen. He says their operations are often affected by heavy rains that wash away some of the equipment. 

Keren Musoki, a client at the facility asks the government to support the facility given the remoteness of the area that often limits patients from accessing services in Kasese town on time.



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