Buhweju Gifts 30% Commission of Embezzled Funds to Recovering Entity

According to the councilors, although the agencies receive funding from the government, the 30 percent commission is meant to motivate the teams to recover stolen public funds.
Buhweju district council has resolved to give 30 percent of embezzled funds to the recovering entity. According to the councillors, although the entities receive funding from the government, the 30 percent commission is meant to motivate the teams to work hard and recover stolen public funds.

The entities mandated to investigate and recover public funds in local governments include the Public Accounts Committee, Internal Auditor and District Council among others. Deo Atuhaire, the Buhweju District LC V Chairperson, says that the 30% commission is to motivate the entities to step up their efforts.    


//Cue in: “so we are…       

Cue out: …has been swindled.”//     

He says that the recovering entities have small budgets, which affects their operations. According to Atuhaire, the recovered money is recorded as local revenue, which falls under their mandate.   


//Cue in: “so they can… 

Cue out: …the local revenue.”//       

However, Rodgers Bishanga Rwoozi, one of the councilors, says the proposed commission should have been allocated to service delivery. 


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Cue out: …that is acceptable.”//

Francis Nuwajuna, the Buhweju Social Services Secretary, says that most committees have been poorly performing despite having budget allocations.  


//Cue in: “earlier on we...  

Cue out: …recover more money.”//

Deusdedit Beinemugisha, the Chairperson Buhweju Public Accounts Committee has welcomed the district resolution, saying that the Shillings 5.2 million they receive from the Central government annually is not enough to conduct hearings.

He says that the seven-member committee that is supposed to sit three times  each quarter is expected to receive allowances and lunch for each sitting, which makes the Shillings 1.2 million they receive each quarter very little.    

The chairperson pockets Shillings 160,000 each sitting while members pocket Shillings 120,000 that he says is small for someone fighting corruption.

//Cue in: “compared to what…       

Cue out: …its not much.”//

Damba Henry, the Buhweju Chief Administrative Officer, says that money will supplement to the already provided funding stipulated under section 88 (10) of the Local Government Act CAP 243.

Local Government Public Accounts Committees are established under Section 88 (7-9) of the Local Government Act, CAP 243. They are mandated to examine reports of the Internal Auditor or other inquiry reports about the local government. 

The reports of the committee are required to be submitted to the District Council for deliberation and recommendations. The Inter audit department is established under Section 90 of the Local Governments Act Cap 243 in every district whose duties and responsibilities are also well defined by regulations 2007. 

The internal audit department receives Shillings 18million annually to conduct audits. Recently, Buhweju District Public Accounts Committee directed five district officials to refund Shillings 40Million that was misappropriated. The officers fraudulently withdrew the money that was meant to procure motorcycles.