Bukwo District Spends UGX 635 Million on Non-existent/ 'Ghost' Projects

“I have seen that Bukwo district is a terribly rotten district where many things are not clean,” said Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka. The new Bukwo RDC. The district secretary for social services Sia Nyeko says NUSAF 3 in Bukwo can only be found in the district officials' pockets.
09 Oct 2021 12:21
one of the rivers where shs 70million were spent in aname of irrigation in Bukwo

Bukwo district local government in Sebei region have spent 635million Shillings under northern Uganda Social Action fund phase three on projects that cannot be located.


The ghost projects were unearthed last week by the Resident District Commissioner _RDC Samuel Mpimabaza Hashaka together with the newly elected district chairperson Mr. Julius Chelimo during their official monitoring of government projects.  

Mr. Hashaka who has now made one month since he was transferred from Abim district to Karenga district where he spent five months,  and later moved to Bukwo, told URN that a half of the population in Bukwo does not know what NUSAF is all about. 


“Am shocked again to get the same corruption that I fought against in Abim district now in Bukwo also,” he said.  

He said most of the projects they visited are not seen but listed in the paper work and the cost of the money.  


Mr. Hashaka named some of the ghost projects such as Lamaywet community access road in Suam sub county with cost of 61,749,000 Shillings but can’t be located, Suam community access road in Suam sub County where 60million Shillings was spent, Chepsoukei mini irrigation scheme in Amanang sub county where 70 million Shillings was spent but can’t be traced and Roron mini irrigation project in Senendet sub county 49 million Shillings was spent but does not exit. 


Other ghost projects include Kongta mini irrigation project in Bukwo sub countywas 49 million Shillings was spent but does not exit, Green valley mini irrigation scheme in Amanang sub county where  50 million Shillings was spent but also does not exit, a non-existent Mokoywet mini irrigation scheme in Amanang sub county on which 57 million Shillings was spent, Brim mini irrigation scheme in Riwo sub county that swallowed  61,751,175 Shillings but has never existed.


He added that Tendera mini irrigation scheme in Brim sub county on which  47 million Shillings  was spent but can’t be traced, Kaplakatet irrigation scheme in Riwo sub county  47 million Shillings was spent is just a myth, Sinendet mini irrigation scheme that consumed 61,498,000 Shillings has never been , Town cell women greening subproject in Bukwo town council that took 35 million is just a story and Kokop chai mini irrigation scheme that swallowed  67 million Shillings is just somebody's imagination.

According to Mr. Hashaka they are still discovering many other non-existent projects saying the ghost projects might be reach more than 100.  

“I have seen that Bukwo district is another terribly rotten district many things are not clean,” he said. 


  Mr. Siya Yeko the LCV councilor and secretary social services in Bukwo district local government said NUSAF3 fund never reached to the community members adding that it only remains in the pockets of few district officials.  

  Mr. Julius Chelimo the district chairperson of Bukwo claims that the corruption in Bukwo starts from the central government.  

He said they have lost trust from the Inspectorate of Government which he described as part and parcel of corruption in the district.  

“We have given IGG officials especially those in Mbale many reports with the evidence of corruption in Bukwo but they come and stop at the office of the CAO and NUSAF desk officer where they are given paper work without going to the community to verify the projects and that is the end investigations,” he said. 


 According to Mr. Chelimo one day he wanted to arrest the IGG officials eating food together with the culprits in one of the restaurants but they got scattered and disappeared until date.  


Mr. Chelimo said the CAO’s office and the desk officer for NUSAF3 are very smart in paper work but nothing is tangible on the ground.

  He noted that out of 1.3billion Shillings that Bukwo district received under NUSAF3 project, 97% of that money has been spent on ghost projects and that some of the projects "trying to be visible" are incomplete.

Priscila Chemutai one of the anti-corruption fighters and resident of Chesower sub county wandered where the civil servants of Bukwo got the money for building storied buildings in town. She named several top district officials who are constructing the buildings.

The effort to get the comment from Mr. Balaba Swaib the chief administrative officer to respond to the claims were futile as his known phone was off.  Mr. Jona Chewere the district NUSF3 officer also could not pick up our repeated calls.


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