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Bulubandi Market left to Waste :: Uganda Radionetwork

Bulubandi Market left to Waste

Brenda Derembe is one of the traders who abandoned the market and was jailed for failing to service a loan she obtained to set up her kiosk.
Empty stalls in the market

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Bulubandi market in Iganga district is wasting away two years after its establishment. Our reporter visited Bulubandi market, which sits on four acres of land early this week, and only found two vendors selling charcoal and fruits.

The market has more than 500 stalls, some of which have deteriorated because of the harsh weather. Yakub Muwaya, the Chairperson Bulubandi market, says the leadership of Bulubandi Sub County started the market in April 2014 on a piece of land donated by the municipality due to demands of a market by residents.

He explains that traders paid for space and kiosks in the market. Muwaya however, explains that a year later, Iganga Municipality sold off part of the market land leaving it without parking space.

He says this forced most traders to vacate the market since trucks ferrying merchandise to the market has nowhere to park. Muwaya notes that traders lost millions of Shillings as their pleas to the authorities to resolve the matter didn't yield results.

Muwaya says he invested over Shillings 20 million in twelve kiosks, but has failed to recoup the money.

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Cue out....nangeriki yonna,”//

Florence Nanduri, a fruit vendor says she is stuck in the market to make ends meet because she has nowhere else to go.

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Cue out...sinafuna kubakasitoma,”//

Julius Odeno, another trader wants government to find means of reviving the market He says there is need for government to compensate those who bought plots in front of the market to restore the parking space.

Betty Namulondo, another trader blames local politicians for frustrating the market when they sold off some plots well knowing that it would affect the market operations.

//Cue in: “Ntunda matooke manda...

Cue out...ndagyawa mukatale akanene,”//

Brenda Derembe is one of the traders who abandoned the market and was jailed for failing to service a loan she obtained to set up her kiosk. 

“The customers were very few because Lorries carrying goods had no access to the market. Even our customers had no parking space, so I just had to sit home and wait to see what happens,” she said.

Ayub Mukisa, the Bulubandi Sub county LC 3 chairperson, says they are scheduled to  convene a stakeholder's meeting to resolve the issue.

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