Bundibugyo Flood Victims Cry Out for Relief Items

The floods that followed a heavy downpour increased water volumes in river Lamia causing its banks to burst leaving hundreds homeless and properties destroyed.
One of the mother's who lost part of her house to floods

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More than 800 families in Busaru sub-county, Bundibugyo District, are yet to receive relief aid after they were displaced by floods last week. The floods hit the district after River Lamia burst its banks.

The residents lost several gardens of sweet potatoes, beans and maize. Grace Atimango, a mother of four says they are worried about disease outbreaks due to lack of safe water. She explains that all the water sources in the area are flooded.

Atimango wants the government to immediately come in and provide residents with safer water for use. 

//Cue in: “Ebintu byoona byasenda… 

Cue out…tetwina buyambi ba.”//

Margaret Mughasoki, a mother of six who lost household properties, says that due to lack of relief aid, she has resorted to sleeping on people’s verandas.

Mashasoki, whose property was destroyed, questions why the government has remained reluctant to come to their rescue.

Cue in: Otuyambe ekuhe obuyambi ...

Cue out:...tukuraraga ngu."//

Isaya Friday Kakwanga, the Mayor Busunga town council, says several people who were displaced by the floods are now being accommodated by relatives in town.

He says this is only increasing pressure on the already financially stretched families during the lock-down.

 //Cue in:” We have hunger… 

Cue out:…diverted this side.”// 

Bundibugyo Resident District Commissioner - RDC, Grace Kakwenza Asiimwe, says that that the central government will soon extend relief aid to the affected people.

However, she says the district has limited resources.

//Cue in: “Even the government… 

 Cue out:…go to others also.”//

The floods came at a time families were having difficulties adjusting to the nationwide lockdown the government imposed in March as one of the measures to control the spread of Coronavirus disease in the country. Since the lockdown came into force, 160 people have tested positive to the virus which has claimed more than 302,000 lives globally. 

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