Bundibugyo Mayor woos Investors to his Town

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The Mayor of Bundibugyo town has launched an appeal to local and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in his district.

Robert Mpabaisi says Bundibugyo is lagging behind the development taking place in the rest of Uganda because of the absence of investment in the district. He says trade and commerce is very low and the level of economic growth in Bundibugyo is incomparable to that of neighbouring districts.

However, Bundibugyo has a lot of potential for growth, Mpabaisi says. He notes that the district has fertile volcanic soils, beautiful natural scenery and cash crops like cocoa and palm oil are growing in the wild throughout Bundibugyo.

The Mayor says the people of Bundibugyo are very hard working and only need capital injections from investors to kick start development.

Mpabaisi admits that there are a number of basic services that are still lacking in Bundibugyo, which have deterred investment. He says his town does not have funds to open up new access roads or to repair old roads and is constantly challenged by the irregular power supply.

According to Mpabaisi, the abolition of graduated tax by the Central Government removed a vital source of revenue for the Bundibugyo urban authority, making it impossible to pay staff and to provide basic services like garbage collection. He discloses that of the 52 workers needed to run the town council, only six are employed because of the limited funds.

Bundibugyo district is located in western Uganda, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo. The district covers a total area of 2,338 square kilometers, about half of which is covered by open waters, swamps, rivers, mountains, forests and two national parks