Bunyangabu Man Found Dead In A Lodge

According to hotel records, the deceased is James Tumushabe a resident of Rwimi and checked in the lodge on Thursday evening.
Tumushabe was found dead on Friday

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A man in his early 30s has been found dead in Kalbert Inn Lodge in Kabale trading center Bunyangabu district.   

According to records at Kalbert hotel, the deceased James Tumushabe  a resident of Rwimi checked in the lodge on Thursday evening.     

Ronald Musabe, the Kalbert Inn manager says the deceased checked in at around 11:30 PM and was heard on phone communicating to various people.  

However, he says he was forced to knock on the door when it got to around 9:00 AM on Friday noticing that the deceased was not waking up yet he had communicated that he will leave early. After getting no response from the room, Musabe contacted local leaders who alerted police who later broke the door. 


//Cue in: “Aizirege mukicweka kinu…  

Cue out: …wayanga kungarukamu.”//  

Musabe adds that the deceased left behind a note that was picked up by police.  


//Cue in: “Kumanyisa police mubyango…  

Cue out: …kyatyarwa police.”//  

Buruhan Kasaija, LC1 Vice chairperson Kabale trading center says they found the deceased lying down with a bottle of tomato Pesticide besides him suggesting that he could have ended his own life by poisoning.    


//Cue in: “Yatu reportingira mu LC1…  

Cu out: …kusangya eyeyisire.”//  

Vicent Twesigye the Rwenzori West police spokesperson says police has obtained statements from key persons are proceeding with investigations. The body was taken to Fort Portal regional referral hospital for a postmortem.    

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