Bunyoro King Asks Gov’t to Extend Relief Food to Bullisa Flood Victims

Omukama Iguru is bothered about the slow response of the government.
Prime Minister Andrew Byakutaga with locals Assesing the extent of the destruction caused by the floods at Wanseko Landing site Buliisa district.Photo by Emmanuel Okello.

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The Omukama of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Solomon Gafubusa Iguru has tasked the government to extend relief food to thousands of people affected by floods in Buliisa district.

Since March more than 1,500 homes have been submerged by floods following the rising water levels of Lake Albert. The most affected landing sites are Wanseko, Katanga, Masaka, in Kigwera sub-county, Kawaibanda, Butiaba, Boma, Kigangaizi, Tugombili and Walukuba.

Others are Bugoigo, Kamagongoro, Kigungu, Serule, Piida, Waisoki, Triangle and Magali in Butiaba Sub-county, Kabolwa and Kigoya landing sites in Kigoya sub-county.

In a message read for him by Andrew Byakutaga, the Prime Minister Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom while assessing the magnitude of the destruction caused by the floods at Wanseko Landing site on Friday, Omukama Iguru was bothered about the slow response of the government.

“This is a big threat and a big problem that has affected my subjects but the government has since March kept a deaf ear despite several pleas raised by both the Kingdom, Local leaders and the subjects. The government must immediately come and offer assistance to these people,” He said.

The Omukama is also concerned about the destruction of facilities such as Immigration offices, public toilets, the Wanseko-Panyimur ferry docking Piers and churches by the floods.

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Runyoro Byte. 

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Godfrey Tibekanywa, the Defense secretary Wanseko Landing Site Village says several families are starving since they cannot afford to access food.

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Gilbert Kugonza another fisherman wonders why the government has failed to extend relief food yet they are at the verge of starvation. He wants the district leadership to compel the government to respond to their plight.

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Beatrice Bahoire, a mother of six and a resident of Masaka landing site in Kigwera sub-county says that there could be an outbreak of severe malaria in the area since the flooded places are attracting mosquitoes.

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Abdumike Muyomba, a resident of Kabolwa Landing Site in Buliisa Sub County says currently they are being accommodated in Kabolwa Church of Uganda after his house submerged. He says his entire family of seven people depend on only one meal a day.

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Early this month, the devastating floods resulting from the rising levels of water in Lake Albert submerged more than 400 homesteads in Hoima district displacing more than 2000 people.


The most affected people were from the landing sites of Kiryamboga, Nana, Fofo, Rwentale and Hoimo landing sites in Tonya parish in Buseruka sub-county.

In May, more than 200 residents in Dei and Panyimur Sub Counties in Pakwach district were displaced by water from Lake Albert.