Bushenyi District Journalists Asked to Undergo Mandatory COVID-19 Testing

Since the resumption of public transport in June, Uganda is experiencing an increase of Covid-19 cases with a total of 1848 confirmed cases and 19 deaths. Among these 18379 are community cases that are followed up as contacts.
Jolly Tibemanya Bushenyi District Covid-19 Task Force Chairperson

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Bushenyi district COVID-19 Taskforce Chairperson has directed that all journalists in the district undergo a mandatory testing for the virus. 

According to the recent results released from Ministry of Health two people have been confirmed positive to COVID-19 in Bushenyi and were reported as alerts. Since the lockdown was lifted Uganda is experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases.

Last week all Bushenyi Local government staff were subjected to mandatory testing and asked to stay home as the administration block was being fumigated after it was reported that one of them tested positive. 

Jolly Tibemanya, now says that Journalists also need to undergo  mandatory testing because they interact with many people and have attended the district taskforce meetings and this exposes them to contracting the virus. 

He says space has already been booked and a special doctor at Bushenyi Health center that will pick their samples. 

//Cue in: “having tested most… 

Cue out: …all we stand.”// 

Jonas Tumwine, Managing Director BFM welcomed the directive saying that the media are busy telling other people to observe SOPs noting that it is good for them to also test. 

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Cue out: …from the radio.”// 

Chris Muganzi, the chairperson Bushenyi Journalists and media Association, says it is supposed to be voluntary testing as it involves psychological torture and no one will be there to counsel them.

However, he welcomed the idea but wants it to be voluntary. 

//Cue in: “its ok you…

Cue out: …should be voluntary.”// 

Tibemanya says there are counselors at the facility who provide such services and will help counsel the journalists. 

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Cue out: …after the counseling.”// 

Felix Ekiregabazana, of Crane FM in Ishaka said he was ready to have his samples taken because he is always in the field meeting different categories of people and Bushenyi is one of the districts that have had a community case. 

“Because I interact with very many people and now Uganda is getting many community cases, am really ready to be tested”. 

The media fraternity has so far had a total of seven confirmed cases that have tested positive for COVID-19, among them are five staff of Radio Pacis in Arua district and Vision Group. 

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