Bushenyi Operation Wealth Coordinator Rejects NAADS Heifers

Kigambwoha says he became suspicious the reason why he demanded to see the specifications of the LPO before they could receive the heifers to distribute them to farmers. The local purchase order specifies the quality, quantity and the price for items/commodities supplied.
Officers overseeing the implementation of the Operation Wealth Creation program in Bushenyi district have rejected 47 heifers procured by the National Agricultural Advisory Services- NAADS secretariat.



On March 30th, the NAADS secretariat wrote informing Bushenyi Chief Administrative Officer that it had contracted Rutaborwa Enterprises Limited to supply 47 in-calf dairy heifers as part of the strategic intervention by the government to increase Milk production, nutrition and household incomes countrywide.


According to the letter, the contractor was expected to commence the supply of the heifers on April 8th 2015. The letter didn't specify how much the contract was worth. On Monday, Major Eric Kigambwoha, the Officer in-Charge of Operation Wealth Creation program in Bushenyi/Ishaka Municipality went with his team to pick up the heifers from the supplier's farm in Lyamabengwe zone in Central Ward in Bushenyi/Ishaka Municipality.



On arrival, Kigambwoha and Bushenyi District Production Officer Dr. Francis Muhanguzi asked the supplier for the Local Purchase Order (LPO) he received from the NAADS secretariat in vain. The supplier told the team that the cost of the animals was not their concern adding that he was only answerable to the secretariat.



Kigambwoha says he asked for the LPO to establish the specifications of the heifers before he could receive them for distribution to farmers. As a result of the failure by the supplier to show the officials the LPO, they abandoned the exercise and left the farm. An LPO specifies the quality, quantity and price for the items/commodities supplied.

Baguma wonders why both the NAADS secretariat and supplier are hiding the cost of the heifer. Major Eric Mwesiga, the Igara East MP says “Whether the heifers cost millions, we are not interested in their dealings but all we want is value for money.”  

Farmers in Bushenyi district asked for 12.333 heifers but NAADS secretariat only allocated them 47.