BUSIA CAO, RDC, Other Senior Officials Admitted After Food Poisoning

They ate the suspected food during the independence prayer breakfast held on Friday at the district headquarters. The food was supplied by a to hotel in Busia town.

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Joseph Balisanyuka, the Busia chief administrative officer- CAO, John Rex Aachila, the resident district commissioner are among several officials and dignitaries who have been admitted after eating suspected poisonous food.

The others casualties are Stephen Mugeni Wasike, the Busia district LC V chairman, Jimmy Ngolobe, the district environmental officer, Feibe Mayende the secretary for education, Ronald Musisi, the agriculture officer in-charge of NUSAF, Godfrey Cheyune the district councilor for Buyanga sub-county among others.

They are admitted in different health facilities. While the CAO is in Mbale regional hospital, the RDC and several others are in Masafu general hospital, yet others are in private health facilities.

It’s alleged that they fed on suspected poisonous food during the independence prayer breakfast held on Friday at the district headquarters. The food was supplied by one of the tophotels in Busia town.

Reports indicates that the prayer function had over 180 people and more than 100 were affected by the suspected poisoning.

Moses Mangeni, the Busia district communication officer says that the health of the district leaders is still worrying because the cause of the multiple casualties is not yet established as they are yet to establish weather it was poison or not.

They are still waiting for medical report since samples picked from the RDC and other people experiencing the same challenge, and taken to Masafu general hospital laboratory for testing.

 Mangeni says that currently only few have shown any signs of recovering towards a normal state.

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Ronald Musisi, the Busia district agriculture officer in-charge NUSAF officer says that he has had stomach pain for last two days after eating food on the function. 

He is still feeling stomach pain and is getting treatment in a private health facility.

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Godfrey Okumu, the Busia district production office attendant who another victim says that he started feeling stomach pain on Friday evening and diarrhea for the last two days He has not fully recovered up to date.

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Jimmy Ngolobe, the Busia district environmental officer who is still admitted at Masafu general hospital says that he is still worried for his life because he has not got any change of stomach pain, diarrhea and body weakness.

Mathew Tusubira, the Busia deputy resident district commissioner says that they have tasked police to probe the cause of the stomach complications the district leaders and other guests who were in the meeting experienced after eating the food.

Tusubira says that police has opened up a general inquiry file where they want organizers, food supplier, waiter and waitresses to make a statement as the first step of police investigation. If one found culpable, the will be arrested be charged with attempted murder.   

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Dr. Mathias Panyako, the Busia district health officer says that they can't rule out anything until the get report from laboratory on diarrhea tools picked from the patients. 

It was unfortunate the food were poured before being tested.