Busia Town's Loitering Cows Alarm Residents

Juliet Birungi, a trader selling green vegetables at Mawero market says that she has lost green vegetables worth 100,000 shilling to the loitering cows, and appeals to owners to tie their cows rather than causing her daily losses.
Loitering cows at Mawero market

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Residents in Busia town are complaining over the increased number of loitering cows destroying their properties.

According to the residents, they spend a lot of time chasing away the loitering cows so they don't eat the food they sell in the market and destroy their properties at home.

The local government act generally requires farmers in urban areas to only rear animals under zero grazing and any animals found loitering must be impounded and owners charged accordingly.

Namunyole Kadodi, a sweat potato trader at Mawero market and also a resident of  Mawero village in Western division says that she has resort to walk with sticks to the market specifically for chasing away cows that eat the sweat potatoes she always displays for the clients.

Namunyole says that they have suffered with loitering animals for over 5 years, and that  they have repeatedly raised the concern to Municipal council authorities but in vain.

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Juliet Birungi, a trader selling green vegetables at Mawero market says that she has severally lost green vegetables worth 100,000 shilling to the loitering cows, and she is  appealing to owners tie their cows rather than putting her into daily losses.

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Ahamada Ssalongo, the chairman Matooke vendors at Mawero market says that they no longer have time for clients because they spent most of time chasing away cows from eating their products at the market, so they are currently just counting losses because of increased cows in the market.

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Patrick Barasa, a motorcycle boda-boda rider says that the cows sleep in the middle of the roads in Busia streets causing traffic jam and sometimes they end up getting accidents because of loitering cows in town. He appealed  to relevant authorities make a quick intervention.

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Ali Ssempa Omena, the L.C.1 chairman of Kisenyi B village says that they have severally sensitized owners of the cows to follow the rules that govern raring animals in town but there is no change. Most of the cows are released to loiter starting at 4:00pm and move in the whole town up to 10:00am of the next day which is dangerous. Mostly the animals are seen taking Majanji road and Tororo road from where they cross Busia-Jinja highway and cause traffic jam.

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Hassan Bwire Opio, the Busia town mayor says that they are soon beginning an operation to impound the animals because he is also a victim of the animals which have destroyed all the flowers at his home and the cows always block the road on his way as he goes back home. The situation of loitering cows has simply worsened in the area in recent times.

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