Busoga Gets New King

Edward Wambuzi, has been elected as the new Kyabazinga of Busoga, inspite of a court injunction restraining the elections.

Wambuzi polled seven votes from seven royal chiefs that make up the Electoral College.

The Kings palace in Bugembe was suddenly plunged into jubilations as hundreds of excited Basoga sang songs of jubilation.

The election was however boycotted by all his two challengers. His

Main challenger 21-year-old William Gabula Nadiope of Bugabula chiefdom showed up at the venue of the elections in Bugembe but walked away minutes later in protest at the manner in which the elections were being conducted.

Nadiope protested against the inclusion of Namyosi Mukajanga whose Bunya chiefdom is being disputed by Chief Juma Lubamunoyo. He

Wanted chief Mukajanga barred from participating in the elections because his chiefdom is being contested by Lubamunoyo but the request was rejected.

During the voting, Lubamunoyo walked out but was immediately replaced by his opponent Mukajanga who was allowed to participate in the elections.

Another candidate for the Kyabazingaship, Christopher Mutyaba, failed to turn up at the venue of the elections under unclear circumstances.

Mutyaba was a candidate for the Kyabazinga up to the last moment and his absence without any explanation raised eyebrows among the hundreds who had gathered to witness the elections.

The new Kyabazinga Muloki was introduced to the Busoga Lukiko at midday arousing more cheers from the excited crowd.