Busoga Journalists Threaten To Shun Police Activities

Journalists in Busoga are threatening to ban covering police activities in the region, if police continues attacking journalists doing their work.

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Busoga journalists threaten a ban on covering police activities in the area. The decision follows an in which a journalist was shot during the foiled Besigye rally in Jinja.

The coordinator of Busoga Media Link, Meddy Mbentyo says they will not cover any police functions, unless the force allows journalists to do their work freely.

Mbentyo says the actions of police are aimed at blocking journalists from informing the public, a move they want to resist.

////Cue in: “It is a………………”

Cue out: “…activities is concerned.”////

The journalists say they have been threatened by the recent shooting of Vincent Mukisa, a journalist with Basoga Bainho FM in Jinja. Vincent Mukisa was injured by a rubber bullet, when he was covering the blocked FDC rally in Jinja.

But Felix Mugizi, the Jinja District Police Commander accuses some journalists of siding with opposition politicians. 

Mugizi says Mukisa was shot after he joined the opposition politicians and was taken to be a rioter.

///Cue in: “No, but that…”

Cue out: “….…be a rioter.”///