Busoga Kingdom, Iganga Local Government Clash over Land

A group of Busoga kingdom officials have stormed the Iganga district local government headquarters and demanded the return of all kingdom property.

The action, today, is the latest escalation in tensions between Busoga Kingdom and the Iganga administration.

The kingdom officials led by the hereditary chief of Kigulu, Izimba Gologolo, said the land on which the district headquarters is built belongs to the Busoga cultural institution. They said it must be vacated within seven days or the local government administration will be sued.

The district headquarters are located on part of the 20 acres of land claimed by the Busoga Kingdom.

On September 23rd, Izimba Gologolo wrote to the district through his lawyers, Baliddawa, Ngobi and Company Advocates, giving it a two-week eviction notice. In the letter he said the land was part of a collection of real estate government handed back to the kingdom last year.

Gologolo has the backing of the Prime Minister of Busoga Kingdom, Wilson Muweereza. Muweereza has also written to Iganga district warning it against encroaching on kingdom land and illegally selling kingdom property.

However, the Iganga local government maintains that it owns the land and will not leave.

Last year, the Iganga District Council passed a resolution to remove all kingdom installments on the property. The area LC5 chairman, Asuman Kyafu, says this resolution still stands. He says the only property returned to Busoga Kingdom was a small plot given to the Kigulu chief for the construction of his official residence.