Bussi Island Residents, Leaders Disagree Over Iron Sheet Distribution

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On Thursday, some residents accused the area LC V Councilor, Hood Goloba and LC III Chairperson Stanley Kabuye of messing up the distribution of iron sheets. Najjuuko’s house, rented by three tenants was destroyed while Galiwango lost a boat.
Kinywante village chairperson, Grace Moses Ssebatta, listens to aggrieved storm victims

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There is a disagreement between storm victims on Bussi Island in Wakiso district and their local leaders over the distribution of iron sheets. At least 240 people were affected by a storm that followed a heavy down pour on April 27th, 2020 near Kinywante Landing site on Bussi Island.

On Wednesday, government delivered 1,000 iron sheets alongside food and other relief items for distribution to the affected people in Kinyawante village. However, on Thursday, some residents accused the area LC V Councilor, Hood Goloba and LC III Chairperson Stanley Kabuye of messing up the distribution of iron sheets.  

Jackson Muyanja, who wasn’t affected by the storm, says he noticed that some people were given over 30 iron sheets leaving out several victims like Rovinsa Nakiyingi, Harriet Najjuuko and John Galiwango. Najjuuko’s house, which is rented by three tenants, was destroyed while Galiwango lost a boat. 

However, both of them had not received iron sheets by Thursday afternoon and had no hopes that they would be considered.


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Cue out:….Tewali. Byona byagwawo,”//  

Galiwango claims that 30 of the 50 affected families and 24 affected boat owners hadn’t received iron sheets. However, Goloba dismissed allegations that he influenced the distribution exercise in favor of his friends and non-vulnerable people.

  He explains that the leaders agreed to give more iron sheets to families who had bigger houses and did not consider landlords who had incomplete structures such as Pastor Edith Nalwanga.

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However, after immense pressure from residents led by Muyanja, Goloba met with other leaders and agreed to revise the distribution list. Kinyawante Village chairperson, Grace Moses Ssebatta, told Uganda Radio Network that the leaders agreed that the remaining 150 iron sheets would be distributed amongst the 30 people who had not been included on the list.

He explains that some of the people like Najjuuko were absent when his scouts moved around the village and wrote names of the people who had so far received the iron sheets.

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Cue out:…kigenda wa? Mumaso.”//

By Friday morning, Najjuuko and Galiwango had received three iron sheets each while Pastor Nalwanga got 30. However, residents led by Muyanja say the local leaders wanted to benefit as well by allegedly sharing among themselves 100 iron sheets and 200 kilograms of maize flour.

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Cue out:…kilos of posho.”//

Goloba has refuted the claims, saying he was transporting the iron sheets and food items on behalf of people who were not present at the landing site. Amidst complaints, after the two-day distribution exercise, 59 individuals got iron sheets and food in different quantities.

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