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Butambala Bans Transportation of Livestock At Night :: Uganda Radionetwork

Butambala Bans Transportation of Livestock At Night

Authorities in Butambala District have banned night transportation of animals and meat as a measure to curb the rampant theft of poultry and livestock in the district.
Heads of Cattle feeding on a farm. Authorities have banned night transportation of meat and animals to curb theft of livestock in Butambala District

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Butambala District has banned the transportation of meat and animals at night in a bid to curb the rampant theft of livestock.

Fred Paks Kalema, the Butambala Resident District Commissioner says that they have received numerous complaints from farmers regarding the theft of livestock and poultry. He says that the animals stolen include heads of cattle, goats and pigs as well as chicken. 

According to Kalema 16 heads of cattle were stolen from Budde Sub County in one month alone and later slaughtered from within the villages and meet transported.

“We have also banned transportation of meat in private motor vehicles at night and during the day because after stealing the animals, they take them in hiding and some in houses where they slaughter from and transport at night,” said Kalema.

According to Kalema village leaders will choose 10 people to form vigilantes who will be reinforced by police and soldiers attached to the reserve force. He asked the public to always report to the authorities through telephone calls whenever they detect or suspect any crime.  


He adds those into the transport business of animals, they will be required to present letters in addition to permits which are issued periodically. 

John Ssekisambu, the Speaker of Budde Sub County council said that the two villages affected most include Kabuye-Ntaayi and Kabuye – Bbumbu where the thieves seem to be targeting farmers.

Ssekisambu said that the coming in of security chiefs would also enhance the security of the area and would bring public confidence in the area leadership.         He revealed that security has warned bar operators to desist from operating beyond the curfew hours because, in some instances, the thieves have been disguising as drunkards making noise to hoodwink those patrolling the area.   

Cue in: “okutambuza ekisolo… Cue out: “…mu kitundu…//   

Theft of animals in rural districts is usually rampant before and during the festive season, a situation that deprives farmers of their expected income thereby affecting productivity.                           

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