Minors Joined in Traditional Marriage

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28 Mar 2019 12:52
Namukebere Nambi (in a yellow gomesi) and Musa Kintu (in a bark cloth) arrive at the wedding venue.

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Two minors have been joined in a traditional marriage in Buyende town council in Buyende district. 

The 9-year-old “groom is a primary two pupil of Buteme Light primary school in Kamuli district while the “bride” is six years old and a pupil of Madarasat Muslim primary school in Buyengo Sub County in Jinja district.   

The duo was joined in a traditional marriage ceremony at Nakabila Royal shrines in Buyende town council Buyende district this morning.    

According to reports, the “groom’s parents visited the bride’s parents in December, 2013 and paid bride price of three cows, 12 goats, 15 chickens and Shillings 3 million. 

The groom who studies in the morning performs rituals at the shrine in the afternoon.    

He told URN that their marriage is destiny from the gods. 

“Well, I am a spiritualist and a herbalist led by the spirits of the land, and when I was three years old in 2013, the gods told me that I should marry my bride who was born in Jinja district. What you have seen today is fulfillment of their wishes,” he said. 

The boy’s mother, Hajirah Namulondo, says her son spoke at birth and told them to search for his wife. Namulondo called upon cultural leaders within Busoga sub region to recognize his son and build for him a palace. 

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Cue out…olubiri,”. 

The girl’s father, Alamanzani Gamukiibya also claims that his daughter was chosen by the spirits to marry the boy and they couldn’t object to the wishes of their gods. 

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Cue out…mukanwa,”. 

Sanon Kiirya, the representative of Budiope chiefdom in Busoga Lukiiko, says they are under pressure from security operatives, who don’t believe that the union between the two is a cultural matter.   

“The union between the two is a cultural matter, which is very hard to explain to the much civilized society and often times, police interrupt our activities,” he said.

The Busoga North Police spokesperson, Michael Kasadha told URN in a phone interview that the marriage is illegal. 

He said Ugandan laws don’t support marriage between juveniles, saying the matter will be investigated.         

The age of consent in Ugandan laws is 18 years.