Chaos As Arua Candidates Miss On Ballot Paper

The Ayivu County post attracted seven aspirants but names of four aspirants are missing on the ballot.
Ben Dravile (in yellow shirt) conuslting with police and Arua NRM administrator

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Elections for the Ayivu county parliamentary seat have been postponed to Wednesday. Four of the candidates\' names are missing on the ballot.

Supporters of the four candidates stormed the office of the district administrative secretary and demanded for explanations.

The omission forced the district NRM party administrative secretary, Swaib Akifo to postpone the exercise to Wednesday after consultations with the Kampala secretariat.

///Cue in: “The position of the party………..

Cue out:……nominated for Ayivu.”///

The post attracted seven candidates. They are; Ben Dravile, Moses Etukibo, John Lematia, Alex Adia, Jimmy Ondoma, Simon Avutia and Jacinto Angutoko.

However Ben Dravile, Simon Avutia, Alex Adia and Moses Etukibo were missing on the ballot papers.

A female supporter to Ben Dravile stormed the office threatening to lynch the administrative secretary, blaming him for the mistake. 

The woman banged tables and doors as Akifo locked himself inside one of the offices, until police came to rescue him.

Cue in: “And why were they keeping………………….”

Cue out… you must get out of this office.”Police took Akifo to Arua Central Police Station. He was still taking refuge at the Station by press time.

The turn up at several polling stations for other positions was low.