Chaos Reigns on Entebbe Roads as Traffic Signal Lights Fail

Ronald Kabugo, a boda boda cyclist, survived narrowly on Tuesday evening after a motor vehicle collided with the boda boda at the junction.
Cars in opposing roads almost collided halfway the intersection

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Road users in Entebbe Municipality are crying out to Uganda National Roads Authority-UNRA to fix the traffic signal lights at Katabi as a matter of urgency.       

The different lights on Kampala-Entebbe highway  and on the Entebbe –Kampala and Manyago- Airforce Katabi Barracks roads have been faulty for the most part of this month,  but since Monday, all the lights have been off. Now motorists and pedestrians have to negotiate their way unguided, which is especially  at the intersections.

While the traffic lights are also timed to cater for different road users, now pedestrians take longer to cross and are at extremely higher risk of being knocked by the speeding vehicles.

And for some reason, traffic police officers have not been deployed at the junctions. As a result, traffic flow is 'guided' by the risk taking of all road users.


Olive Nankya, a resident of Katabi, says she has so far witnessed two motor crashes in the last two days. On both occasions, motor vehicles collided with boda boda cyclists because the traffic lights were off.            

Meanwhile,  Ronald Kabugo, a boda boda cyclist, survived narrowly on Tuesday evening after a motor vehicle collided with a boda boda at the junction, and he Kabugo survived the impact by a whisker.   

The driver of the motor vehicle, Registration Number UBJ  982S, was heading towards Entebbe town while the boda boda rider was heading to Manyago.         

Eye witnesses including Kabugo fault the boda boda rider for not giving way to the motor vehicle.      

They however say  the accident could have been averted if the traffic lights were on. Kabugo says that nonetheless,  the boda boda rider should have waited for the motor vehicle to pass or the driver would have waited for the rider to join the highway.           

The boda boda rider, who fell on his side after the collision, was later rushed to Emmanuel Medical Centre by the driver of the motor vehicle involved in the accident.               

Some of the pedestrians and motorists rushed to the scene. Kabugo says he heard the boda boda  rider cry out for help when he fell on the tarmac. He fell on his side while parts of his boda boda got damaged.                            


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Cue out:….Kampala.”//  


Eng. Christopher Manyindo, the Head of road development at Uganda National Roads Authority-UNRA, says it is unfortunate that some accidents have occurred because the lights are currently off.  

He however  says the agency’s technical team will be on the ground as soon as possible to rectify the problem.    

    “I think the lights got affected because of a power surge. But we can assure the public that this problem will be worked on soon.”