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Chief Justice Warns Judicial Officers on Independence :: Uganda Radionetwork

Chief Justice Warns Judicial Officers on Independence

The Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe warns judicial officers that the pressures from family and relatives is becoming increasingly popular and can affect their work.
Caption: Chief Justice (C) shares pose for a group photo with incoming chairperson of UJOA Godfrey Kaweesa (R) and the outgoing chairperson UJOA Vincent Emmy Mugabo (L) shortly after the hand over at the Supreme Court

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The Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe has told judicial officers that the only way to get better welfare is through professional conduct.


Katureebe says the public and government will push for their transport, financial and transport facilitation to be improved, if they work for the good of the country.


//Cue in: “But if it becomes…………….

Cue out:…………………………..part of your members.”//


The Chief Justice also cautioned the public on the principal of independence.



Justice Katureebe says judicial officers face a lot of pressure from family and close relatives on matters of the law.


//Cue in: “Independence from relatives……….

Cue out:………………….branches of government.”//


Katureebe asked the new head of the Uganda Judicial Officers Association, magistrate Godfrey Kaweesa to enlighten other association members about this new form of judicial interference.


About three weeks ago, Magistrate Kaweesa was overwhelmingly voted as the new chairperson of UJOA replacing magistrate Vincent Emmy Mugabo.


The association brings together judges and magistrates to advocate for their rights in the Judiciary.