Child Mothers Stranded as Camps Close

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Christine Akello, is a 15- year -old mother of three.
Akello lost her father to the LRA rebels in 2003, while going back to their home in Abala Parish, in Parabongo Sub County, to get some food for the family.
The family was then part of the hundreds of internally displaced people in Kalongo camp.
Just like any first child in the family, Akello worked tirelessly with her mother to cater for their daily needs. But perhaps that was quite easy. Three years ago, Akello was forced to take up the sole responsibility of looking after the family when her mother died.
It became even harder when Akello's relatives cut back their visits. Worst of all, their only piece of land back home has been sold off by her maternal uncle.
For Akello and other orphaned children, the camps have been their home for long, but Tuesday marked a turning point for them.
With the ongoing closure of the camps, they wonder where they will relocate, and what the future holds for them.
Akello and over 100 other children in Kalongo camp are part of the only 457 people remaining in Kalongo camp.
Andrew Otim, the Kalongo town clerk says the orphans are engaged in hard labor to make ends meet.
//Cue in: iSome of them have#i
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Wilfred Okello, the chairperson of Kalongo town council, says some of such orphans are now ganged up and are engaged in criminal acts.
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Okello says last week they registered 117 orphans from the five parishes in Kalongo. He says they will identify the relatives of such children so that they are resettled.
He adds that some of the orphans have cannot continue with their education, because they don't have someone to sponsor them to further their education.
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Kalongo camp in Kalongo town council, Pader camp in Pader town council, Omot and Puranga camps were today closed to mark the end of camp life.
Godbourdin Muhammad an official from UNHCR, a refugee agency implementing the camp closure says 121 camps have already been closed out of the 243 that existed in Acholi, Lango and Teso sub regions.
Muhammad says only 10039 IDPs are remaining in the camps, out the 1.8 million that were displaced.