Christians in Mukono Protest Planned Demolition of Church

In 2009, United Methodist Church sued Mt. Lebanon Senior Pastor Samuel Lwandasa accusing him of fraudulently acquiring the land on which he later constructed the church and house buildings.
Some of the christians holding placards with the massage protesting the eveiction move.

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Christians of Mt. Lebanon Center Church Mukono have protested plans to demolish their church and the pastor’s house. 

Lebanon Church and United Methodist Church of Uganda have been embroiled in a land wrangle for more than ten years.   The disputed land is located in Mukono Municipality at Kame close to Kame valley market.

United Methodist Church was opened in 2010 by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The Church acts as the centre for over 40 churches in districts of Mukono, Kayunga, Buikwe and Buvuma.

In 2009, the Church sued Mt. Lebanon Senior Pastor Samuel Lwandasa accusing him of fraudulently acquiring the land where he constructed the church and his house. 

The High Court ruled in favour of the Methodist Church and ordered the cancellation of the titles that were given to Lwandasa. The court also ordered Lwandasa to vacate the land. 

However, Lwandasa appealed but the Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of the High Court.   Lwandasa took the case to the Supreme Court, which is yet to give its judgement.

On Wednesday, Lwandasa was surprised to receive a letter from Court Bailiffs ordering him to vacant the house and church.

On Saturday, Christians pitched camp at the Church protesting the planned demolition.

Lwandasa protested the move saying that they should wait for the ruling of the Supreme Court.

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Cue out: ...mungeri yanjawulo”// 

Denis Kigozi, a Christian at Mt Lebanon Church wonders why the court issued an order during the lockdown. He notes that it does not make sense for them to stay home and lose the church as it was in Ndeeba when the Church of Uganda lost one of its churches.

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However, William Nduga a member of the Methodist Church says that Lwandasa was part of the Church and when he was appointed a Senior Pastor he registered part of the land into his name, constructed buildings and named it Mt Lebanon Center Church. 

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The Resident District Commissioner Fatumah Ndisaba asked the Christians to stay calm as they resolve the dispute.