Christians, Muslims Feud Over Animal Slaughtering Rights in Amuria

George Bosco Adotu, the Chairperson Christian butchers told URN that Christians slaughter animals in the old abattoir and operate four butcheries in Amuria main market.
09 Jul 2019 11:07
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Christians and Muslims in Amuria town council are feuding of animal slaughtering rights.  Christians have taken over the old abattoir at Opegei while Muslims have remained in the new abattoir, which is about 100 meters away.    

Muslim butchers have remained in the old butcheries near the entrance to Amuria market. Christians have moved their butcheries to the new lock ups in Amuria main market and labeled them ‘Christian meat sale shop.’  


The Christian butcheries also bare the sign of the cross and quotes from the Bible.  One of the quotes is Psalms 37:1, which says “Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong.”  

Another sign at Christian butcheries is a sign of the cross drawn with an open invitation, ‘Come one come all in God we trust.’ Nathan Ekemu, the Chairperson Muslim Butchers, says tension between the two communities started from a crusade held by Muslim converts to Christianity who incited Christians to stop Muslims from slaughtering their animals.      

They reportedly claimed that the words Muslims use to slaughter animals are meant to pass a bad omen to Christians, a charge Muslims dispute.   


//Cue in: “ Konye kotoma abeit ...   

Cue out:…... yen abu koretokin .”//    


George Bosco Adotu, the Chairperson Christian butchers told URN that Christians slaughter animals in the old abattoir and operate four butcheries in Amuria main market.   

He says the Christians were woken up during the crusade by Muslim converts who claimed that Muslims have a hidden motive behind slaughtering animals and offer blood sacrifice with intentions of harming Christians.   

//Cue in: “We joined our ...   

Cue out:…... here near Opegei .”// 

Adotu also argued that nowhere in the Bible and in the constitution of Uganda mandating Muslims to slaughter animals on behalf of Christians.  


//Cue in: “The bible and ...

Cue out:….... only the Christians.” //     

Philip Opio, another Christian butcher wondered why Muslims use a language they don’t understand and face Makkah while slaughtering animals.   

//Cue in: “What made us ...

Cue out:….... Separate with them.”//  

David Ewayu, the Kuju Sub-county LC V councilor, says he grew up knowing that it is only Muslims allowed to slaughter animals for public consumption.   

//Cue in: “There was a decree ...

Cue out:….... eat everywhere .”//

Rev. Samuel Ediau, Diocesan Secretary Soroti Church of Uganda, says ‘there is no law in Uganda that states that it is only Muslims who are allowed to slaughter animals.’  He asked where the law that states that Christians are not allowed to slaughter animals is found in Ugandan laws.   

He supported the decision of Christians in Amuria and called upon of Christians in other districts in Teso to start slaughtering their animals. Hamza Moita, the Imam of Amuria Mosque confirmed the dispute between the faithful of the two religious denominations. 

“We have been slaughtering animals for decades. Why are Christians rising up now to resist. It is going to fuel division in the Amuria community,” Moit said.  Asuman Muhammad Ocen, the Kadhi of Teso Muslim District noted that the issue of animal slaughter is likely to cause problems between Muslims and Christians in Amuria. 

“We do not want tension to escalate. We are going to do everything possible to address the issue,” he said.    


Ocen told URN that he has calmed down Muslims and asked them to exercise restraint as the matter is sorted out.  He promised to raise the matter with the Inter Religious Council of Uganda that brings together leaders of different faith groups.    

//Cue in: “Because of Fairness ...

Cue out:…...still waiting for.”//

Esther Akello, a meat consumer in Amuria town council expressed joy over the news of Christians slaughtering animals. Akello said she enjoys meat from Christian butcheries.