Chua East NRM Primaries Postponed

Kitgum district NRM registrar, Cyrus Odongkene says an aspirant for directly elected MP, Lucy Rose Achan was instead in the ballot paper for district woman MP. The confusion led to postponement of the election.
A supporter complains about the mix up in aspirants names

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Voting in the National Resistance Movement primaries for directly elected Member of Parliament in Chua East Constituency, Kitgum district has been postponed. 

The election that began well was prematurely stopped after one aspirant\'s name was found on a different ballot paper. Lucy Rose Achan, who is contesting for the NRM flag for Chua East Constituency instead appeared on the ballot paper for district woman MP.

Kitgum district NRM registrar, Cyrus Odongkene says the election has now been postponed.

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Achan and Phoebe Aber Luwum are aspiring for the seat currently held by Foreign Affairs State Minister, Henry Okello Oryem.

Voting for the district woman MP flag bearer was allowed to continue, despite the presence of Achan\'s name.

For other positions, 14 villages in the district had by press time not started voting, because their registers were missing.

Odongkene told URN he had called for a new consignment of voting materials from NRM regional headquarters in Gulu.

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