City Bus Operators Observe Covid19 Preventive Guidelines

At Link Bus terminal in Kisenyi, the company has drawn square boxes 2-meters apart to aid social distancing among travelers. The company has also deployed staff to take the body temperature of travelers and ensure they wash hands.
04 Jun 2020 17:51
Dermacations drawn at Link Bus Terminal booking office to aid in social distancing

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There was strict enforcement of the Covid19 preventive measures as bus operators resumed their operations on Thursday. 

Our reporter visited several city bus terminals and found the operators enforcing hand washing, social distancing and wearing face masks.           


At Link Bus terminal in Kisenyi, the company has drawn square boxes 2-meters apart to aid social distancing among travelers. 

The company had also deployed staff to take the temperature of travelers and ensure they wash hands.

Tom Alinde, the Customer Care Manager Link Bus Company revealed to URN that they have already done away with brokers as directed by president while lifting the suspension on public transport. 


//Cue in: “So we are…     

Cue out:… sanitize you again.”//  

He also revealed that to ensure social distancing on the buses, they have revised their sitting arrangement. 


//Cue in: “We are carrying…”  


Cue out:..… two seater side.”//  

However, Alinde noted the low turn up of passengers compared to their usual operations. 

He explained that prior to the lock down, they would send 8 coaches to Kasese and 10 to Masindi but they had only sent 2 buses to Kasese by 10am on Thursday and none to Masindi.     

Jude Tumwiine, the Manager Global coaches says to comply with the curfew directive; they have set the departure time for their last bus to Mbarara at 2:00pm.   

//Cue in: “We have a….      

Cue out: “… now at 40,”//  

Saturday Muhwezi, a leader at Kisenyi Bus Terminal told URN that no passenger is allowed to access the terminal without wearing a mask.

He also said the work of demarcating the buses to aid social distancing is already ongoing.     

Gateway bus, which mainly plies border districts have decided to introduce a truck to offer courier services to its customers, according to the Western Coordinator, Ibrahim Katuramu.


//Cue in: “Tubadde tetulina ntegeka… 

   Cue out: “… tugenda boarder districts.”//  

President, Yoweri Museveni maintained the ban on public transport to border districts, saying it was still risky to allow them to operate because of cross border movement.  

But Phillip Atuhaire, the Supervisor Perfect bus that only plies the Rukungiri route, says they will wait until the president lifts the ban on transport in boarder districts.

//Cue: “Tuga kugumira embeera…”  

  Cue out: “… tubadde tukola bulijjo.”//

Some of the passengers interviewed by our reporter concurred with the bus operators on the revised bus fares. 

Catherine Atwiine, a passenger of Global Bus told URN that although the fares are unfair to the passengers, they understand the operator’s dilemma.  

She commended the bus companies for complying with the Covid19 preventive guidelines.  

//Cue in: “The bus fares…”

Cue out: “… are doing well.”//

Friday Baluk, a traveler with Link bus said the Shillings 45,000 being charged by the bus company to Fort portal is fair compared to Lorries that were charging them Shillings 150,000.

//Cue in: “Ebisale bya bus ...”  

Cue out: “… distance is fair.”//