City Businessman Murdered in Mutungo

Police are hunting for thugs who raided a home in Mutungo zone III and killed the owner and the houseboy yesterday.
Police are hunting for a group of suspected  thugs who raided a home in Mutungo zone III on Friday  and killed the owner and the houseboy.

The body of Wamala Sendeba, a businessman in Kikubo, Kampala's central business district was discovered this morning by Ben ZZiwa a  driver. The houseboy identified as Sadiq was also found soaked in  a pool of blood.

Ben Zziwa was the Wamala Sendeba’s driver. 

It’s suspected the thugs gained access to the house using a ladder. They killed the occupants before running away.

Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson, Ibn Senkumbi says the police are following the double murder.

Peter Wasswa, a worker at Wamala’s construction site in Muyenga says he  noticed that his boss was absent but the driver had unsually parked at the site waiting for the boss. 

The driver claims he was instructed by the deceased houseboy not to come for his boss but instead wait for him at the construction site. 

But  after the long wait, the driver  decided to borrow Wasswa’s car and drive to Mutungo where he discovered that his boss had been killed.

Zziwa found Wamala's body who had been beheaded lying in a pool of blood, both his cars had not been tampered with and were in the compound.

According to Wasswa, the houseboy, Sadiq must have been involved which is the reason why he diverted the driver to Muyenga.

However it’s not clear why the assailants later decided to kill the houseboy, but relatives suspect this was the best way of getting rid of any information.

Wamala Sendeba has been a major supplier of T-shirts to schools, and has been operating his business in Kikuubo.