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City Protests: Five Suspected Ring Leaders Arrested in Kisekka Market

The suspects were arrested on Sunday during an operation in Kisekka Market. Traders in Kisekka Market say they are working in fear of their lives after plain clothed security officers arrested five people this morning.
Police have arrested five people suspected to have been ring leaders in last week’s city protests. They were arrested on Sunday during an operation in Kisekka Market.

They have been identified as John Ddamulira, Ben Kazeeyi, Alvin Juma, Robert Ssegujja and another unidentified person.  Ddamulira who imports and sells car spare parts was picked up by more than seven operatives and whisked away in a van with the other four suspects.

Patrick Onyango, the Spokesperson Kampala Metropolitan Police, alleges that the suspects were behind the riots on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to Onyango, police also arrested the man who destroyed the police CCTV cameras at Kisekka market.

The arrest of the suspects has sparked off fear among the traders. They note that since Thursday, security personnel have been carrying out operations and arresting a number of their colleagues.

One mechanic who preferred anonymity says that security personnel were dressed in plan-clothes and armed with guns.

Last week, protests rocked Kampala and other parts of the country following the arrest of National Unity Platform-NUP party Presidential candidates, Robert Kyagulanyi. He was arrested in Luuka District and later detained at Nalufenya Prison in Jinja.

More than 40 people are believed to have died in the protests.