Clan Leader Missing Since May Discovered Dead

Police in Kaberamaido on Sunday discovered the remains of man in a forest reserve.
Police in Kaberamaido on Sunday discovered the remains of man in a forest reserve.


Peter Eriongitai, the criminal investigations officer Kaberamaido Police station, told Uganda Radio Network (URN) that the remains have been identified and the relatives picked his bones on Thursday afternoon.


Eriongitai says they found the remains in Atigo forest reserve in Omarai village, Oriamo parish, Alwa sub-county in Keberamaido district.


The remains, which were skeletal, wore rags of gray American (khaki) trouser, green underpants, sported blue T-shirt, one pair of open brown shoe and a belt.


Eriongitai said that after examining the bones they discovered that the remains were of a male adult.


Joab Wabwire, the District Police Commander Soroti Police Station, notes that, one person Aminadam Lrusi (68) a clan elder of Lrarak - Lmorio clan disappeared on May 25, 2013 after attending a wedding.


Lrusi is suspected to have been abducted as he returned to his home at night by unknown people.


His disappearance triggered violence in the community as his relatives responded by looting and burning the homes of the people they suspected to have been behind Lrusi’s disappearance.


Wabwire added that, the two clans of Ikarebwok –Iwolo and Irarak –Imorio have been having land disputes for over five years.


Ayub Waiswa, the OC CID Soroti Police Station, told URN that the police went with Lrusi’s sons to help identify the remains. The sons were able to identify the skeletal remains as those of their father based on his dental formula.

The deceased reportedly had a protruding tooth in the upper jaw and two missing teeth in the lower jaw.


Ayub told URN that the remains were first transferred to Soroti mortuary for a pathologist to come and examine the bones in order to establish if it is true those bones are for Lrusi who disappeared from Otatai in May this year.