Co-wives Kill Husband Over Extra-marital Affair

Two women in Kiryandongo district have murdered their husband over an extra marital affair.
Two women in Kiryandongo district have murdered their husband over an extra-marital affair.


Saudi Mude (32), a maize produce dealer and resident of Bweyale township in Kiryandongo district was allegedly murdered by his two wives on Sunday evening.


Lydia Tumushabe, the Albertine region police publicist, identifies the suspects as Jennifer Nakatude and Anne Aheebwa, residents of the same area and wives to the deceased.


Tumushabe says their investigations indicate that prior to the murder the deceased had had marital disagreements with his wives. The wives charged that Mude had been neglecting them and failing to support them. They had accused him of wasting money on another woman instead of looking after their families. 


She says the wives on Sunday teamed up and secretly followed their husband up only to find him  with another woman at Bweyale trading centre.


The wives, however, did not confront him but waited him in a nearby bush and attacked him on his way back at around 9:00pm.


Tumushabe says the wives beat up Mude until he lost consciousness. Mude was rescued by passers-by who intervened and tried to rush him to hospital. Unfortunately Mude passed away before making it to the hospital.


Tumushabe says police has already arrested the wives and they are now detained at Kiryandongo district police station.


She says police has recovered the deceased’s phone from one of the wives.


Tumushabe says police is yet to identify the woman the deceased was meeting in the town centre that provoked his murder.  

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