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Confusion on Soroti City Boundaries Forces Minister Magezi to Address Council on Phone

Magezi was called by Soroti Municipality MP, Edmund Herbert Ariko while attempting to answer questions regarding city boundaries.
Contention over Soroti City boundaries has forced the Local Government Minister, Raphael Magezi to address Soroti Council on the telephone.

Magezi was called by Soroti Municipality MP, Edmund Herbert Ariko while attempting to answer questions regarding city boundaries. The boundaries have remained contentious issue after the city was inaugurated last month.

Although the city boundaries were only defined by mentioning names of the areas carved into the city, the actual boundaries are not yet clear causing confusion.

On Monday, several people stormed Soroti City Mayor Office seeking to know where they belong.

Florence Amoding, an elder and resident of Otatai village in Asuret Sub County, says that there's a lot of uncertainty regarding city boundaries.

"Where I am, people are now asking for land for development. But when they come, they say am not in the city, so my land is cheap- yet my leaders say am in the city. This is becoming serious and we need our leaders to help us", she said.

According to the resolutions from Soroti District and Municipal Councils, the two city divisions were to be divided by old Mbale Road and Moroto Road. But this has since been contested as some politicians are reportedly seeking alterations.

Peter Oringo, the Kamuda Sub County Councilor says that the issue of boundaries was hurried and some other places have been added illegally into the city.

Ariko sought permission to guide the house but his request was denied by the councillors, prompting him to make a call to the minister.

Magezi, who seemed to have been briefed before, quickly responded and attempted to address the council but the audio device wasn't loud enough to enable members to listen and understand what he was saying.

Stephen Olebe, the Council Speaker then asked Ariko to provide evidence to the council whether it was indeed the minister addressing the council. Ariko was forced to hand over the phone to the speaker, who briefly spoke with the minister and later addressed the council.