Constitutional Court Rules against Faith Mwondha's Appointment Petition

The Inspector General of Government, Faith Mwondha, must appear before the Parliamentary Appointments Committee if she wants to retain her job.
This morning the Constitutional Court ruled that Mwondha has a legal obligation to be vetted to her job by parliament. Their ruling was in response to a petition filed by 22 of Mwondha's supporters that her continued stay in office was not a matter for parliament to decide, but for the appointing authority, President Yoweri Museveni, to confirm.
Mwondha consistently ignored summons by the appointments committee to appear before it for vetting. The result was a long drawn out battle of wits, with accusations traded between her, the MPs and her deputy, Raphael Baku. Eventually Baku was appointed acting IGG and Faith Mwondha was ordered to hand over office until her court case was concluded.
Reading the ruling of the Constitutional Court, Deo Ninzeimana, said the judgement of the five judges on the hearing panel was unanimous. The judges on the panel were Alice Mpagi Bageine, George Engwau, Christine Kitumba, Constance Kategeya Byamugisha, and Augustine Nshimye.
The ruling was accepted by the 22 petitioners.
It is not clear exactly what will take place now. It is anticipated that the Parliamentary Appointments Committee will arrange to meet Faith Mwondha again for the vetting process. However sources in the House say that the damage one in the relationship between the IGG and the MPs may not bode well for her.
Faith Mwondha is yet to comment on the outcome of the case.