Construction Of Modern Incinerator Starts At Masaka Hospital

Dr Onyachi says that the construction works which are expected to be completed by December are spearheaded by Rakai Health Sciences program (RHSP).
29 Oct 2019 07:17

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 Masaka Regional Referral Hospital has started the construction of a modern incinerator, the Director Dr. Nathan Onyachi told URN on Monday. 

He explained that the construction work is being spearheaded by Rakai Health Sciences program (RHSP and is expected to be completed in December this year at undisclosed sum of money.      

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According to Dr. Nathan Onyachi, the hospital management had budgeted Shillings 400 million for the construction of the incinerator but will ask the board to reallocate the money to other areas given the donation from CDC through RHSP.       


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He says construction of a modern incinerator will help the hospital to address the challenge of medical waste management. 

Records at Masaka Regional Referral hospital show that the facility generates a ton of medical waste weekly, which can’t be disposed of by Masaka municipal council due to lack of capacity.  

Edward Kabuye, the Principal Administrator Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, says the only incinerator at the facility broke down two years ago, which prompted the hospital to start burning medical waste. He says that the hospital spends more than Shillings 100,000 on fuel each week to burn the medical waste.

Hospital neighbors have always complained about the foul smell from the rotting medical waste and fumes from the burning waste, saying it is disturbing. 

George Matovu, who is near the place where the hospital dumps waste, says the construction of a modern incinerator will help them to reduce the risk they have been facing. 

He says that their children have been playing with the medical waste, which exposes them to risk of infection.